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A performance in the Tatar language was presented in Orenburg

A performance in the Tatar language was presented in Orenburg

The premiere of the play based on the novel “Beads  of Love” by the writer and playwright Farit Nagimov was successfully held in Orenburg.

The Orenburg State Tatar Drama Theater named after M. Faizi was sold out. First, the premiere! Secondly, the romantic and promising title – “Beads of Love”. Thirdly, the Moscow author is Farit Nagimov. Few people in the audience knew that the “Moscow author”, whose plays are staged abroad, especially singles out this premiere precisely because it is the first in his small homeland! After all, Farit himself comes from the village of Burannoye, Orenburg region. Fourthly, the audience was completely international, since although the actors played in the Tatar language (translated by the famous playwright and translator Rkail Zaydulla – Chairman of the Writers’ Union of the Republic of Tatarstan), the performance was accompanied by simultaneous translation.

This play is   about seven touching short stories on the theme of Tatar history from the starving Volga region to the present day. A fragile mosaic of individual human destinies, in which, as in a mirror made up of fragments, the global is reflected – the fate of the people, pain, love.

The production of the artistic director of the theater, Rastam Abdullaev, turned out to be so verified and strong that during the entire performance the intensity of passions did not subside in the crowd of spectators: either handkerchiefs flashed and sobs were heard, then the seats shook with laughter. Nobody remained disappointed and indifferent.

– I am delighted with the professionalism and grateful to everyone who helped this performance take place! – says Farit. – I hope he will have a long life and a happy destiny, because the theme of the saving power of love is especially in demand in our time of endless quarantine, a terrible series of deaths and total “remoteness” of people from each other. And my play is just about what helps to survive any troubles.
These are seven short stories about a man’s love for a woman; grandfather – to his grandson; grandmothers – to their granddaughter. A hymn to simple happiness: the ability to bake bread, fish, confess love and speak the same language with children, even if you are from completely different worlds and generations. To love your people … It is not mechanically  to “appreciate  language and history of ancestors,” but to warm the heart by the flame of your tribe. Beads  – continuous prayer in human hands.

The grandfathers say that on each snapped bead there is an angel conveying earthly requests to God. In “Rosary of Love” each “bead” is a living story, the heroes of which are real and still live between us. My “Rosary of Love” is a prayer for the entire Tatar people who survived the horrors of famine in the Volga region, and for all people who are now experiencing another common misfortune of the epidemic. We will certainly deal with it. Thanks to love.

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