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Kamal Theater will present the play “I will not be back” in Moscow

Kamal Theater will present the play “I will not be back” in Moscow

Tatar State Academic Theater. G. Kamala on December 7, 2021 on the stage of the State Academic Theater. Eug. Vakhtangov will present the play “I will not return” (“Khush avylym”).

The production of director Aydar Zabbarov was included in the program of the 5th festival “Biennale of theatrical art. Directing lessons – 2021 “.

The performance is based on excerpts from interviews with residents of small Tatar villages. The director himself collected them together with the journalist Gulchachak Shaikhutdinova. From the stories of many people and their families, a production has developed, which takes place in a village club. The heroes talk about their lives, reflect on the Tatar culture, sing and dance to the accordion melodies.

Aydar Zabbarov: “Like many of my generation, I spent my holidays in the village where my grandparents lived. And then one day, when my grandparents were no longer in the world, and I became an adult and came to our village house, then suddenly at some point it dawned on me: soon this village will not be, it will simply disappear. And then an unbearable melancholy rolled over me, which, like Chekhov’s, “seems to have flooded the whole world.” And then that evening I thought that people were living, building their future, and life was in full swing here. It was joyful here before. And now – longing …

We visited more than 20 sparsely populated “dying” villages and took about 50-60 interviews. The stories turned out to be very different. We met people who willingly shared their stories, and those who categorically forbade even using their stories. And all together, these stories about the past and present of the Tatar village give rise to a very interesting context, which in turn helps to find answers to important questions not only of today, but, possibly, of the future …

Our performance will inevitably contain reflections about the Tatars, our native language, our homeland, our roots, our past, present and future … What will it be like if we are deprived of our Tatar village – a place of power, freedom and thirst for life ?! ”.

The Festival “Directing Lessons” is organized according to the principle of a biennale: in odd years young directors participate in the competition and their experienced masters judge, and in even years the masters are evaluated by a new generation of directing.

The contest program of the 5th festival includes performances by young people. Directors from St. Petersburg, Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Novosibirsk, Vladimir and Moscow will also present their works.

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