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Sunday Tatar school opened in Beliy Yar

Sunday Tatar school opened in Beliy Yar

In the village of Bely Yar (Surgut district), community activists opened a Sunday Tatar school. The initiative was taken by the Tatar society “Akyar”. The head of the Umka Center for Creative Development Razilya Khairova reported this in social networks.

– Under the auspices of the Akyar society, a Sunday Tatar school has been opened at the Umka Center for Creative Development of Children and Adolescents. At the first meeting, a teacher with many years of experience Sharafutdinova G.M. spoke. She has vast experience in this direction, she has developed her own method of teaching the Tatar language to children. Her students also came to support their teacher, who, thanks to the Tatar school and such a teacher, fell in love with their language, history and were proud of their nation, – says Razilya Khairova.

After discussing organizational issues, the students went to the first lesson of the Tatar language. The teachers chose the theme “School”. During one lesson, the students learned about 10 words, memorized one verse of the song “They teach at school” in the Tatar language.

Sunday School classes will be held at two locations. In White Yar on the street. Gorky, 33, where the “Center for Language Development” is located, and in Surgut at the address: st. Kukuevitskogo, 14/1, this is a branch of Umka. The lessons will be taught by the teachers of the Beloyarsk Secondary School No. 3, Khairova reports.

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