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A solemn meeting and a seminar on “Legacy of Gabdulla Tukai and modernity” in Tashkent held

A solemn meeting and a seminar on “Legacy of Gabdulla Tukai and modernity” in Tashkent held

April 26 at the Republican International Center of Uzbekistan (International Cultural Centre) a solemn meeting and a seminar on “Legacy of Gabdulla Tukai and modernity”, in honor of the 130th anniversary of the great Tatar poet and thinker Gabdulla Tukai and “Tatar Language Day” was held.

With an opening address and welcome spoke Director of the Republican International Cultural Centre of Uzbekistan, Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan, a member of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan Mukhammadiev N.M.

Afterwards Chairman of the Tatar Public Cultural and Educational Centre (TPCEC) of Tashkent Nabiulin A.D. TPCEC activist, teacher Kurbanov D.A. an activist of the Kazakh Republican National Cultural Center, member of the Academy “Turan”, Academician of the Academy of Humanities of Kazakhstan, professor Kaldybek Seydanov, a senior researcher at the Institute of history of

Uzbekistan, Cand.Sc. (History) Shigabdinov R.N., executive secretary of the department of international relations of literary and artistic translation of the writers’ Union of Uzbekistan, senior lecturer A. Alimbekov, Honored worker of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, Tatar editor of Bashkir TV programs of the channel “Tashkent” TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan Mannyapova R.J., deputy head of the Institute of history, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Cand.Sc.(Philosophy) Nazarov R.R., the activist of Uygur republican national cultural center, a poet Niyozov N.B.,a board member of TPCEC Temirgaliev P Z., the activist of TPCEC , leading researcher of the research grant at the International Cultural Centre, Ph.D., Akhmedov G.G., a member of the Public Council at the International Cultural Centre, head of the grant at the International Cultural Centre, academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Doctor of Philosophy, professor Karimov B. R. made reports.

Presentations focused on the life, work and legacy of Gabdulla Tukai. They emphasized the role of his art and heritage in the development of the Tatar, Turkic and universal culture, the establishment and development of national cultures of many Turkic peoples, there were the issues of the relationship between Tatar culture and

literature of the Uzbek, Kazakh, Uighur and other national cultures and literatures. These issues were discussed both in terms of history, and in the aspect of modern problems of preservation and development of national languages, cultures, identities and national identity in the process of globalization and the global information civilization, publication of materials of this seminar has been scheduled.

The event was attended by representatives and heads of number of national cultural centers. The poems by Gabdulla Tukai were read out, translations into Uzbek, Kazakh and Russian languages, verses dedicated to the poet, songs on poems were sung, particularly, with a deep enthusiasm the song “Tugan Tel” on Tukai verse has been perceived.

Raikhan Manyapova

TPCEC Tashkent

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