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Art Residence “Constellation-Yoldyzlyk” launches events on the “Pushkin Map”

Art Residence “Constellation-Yoldyzlyk” launches events on the “Pushkin Map”

Now some of the events held on the basis of the art-residence “Constellation-Yoldyzlyk” can be visited on the “Pushkinskaya karta”. Natalia Smirnova, executive director of the Sozvezdiye-Yoldyzlyk festival movement, told IA “Tatar-inform” about this.

“The Art Residence is preparing a number of new projects for its guests, which will be included in the theater’s repertoire in the future. We plan to include them in the register of events on the Pushkinskaya Map, ”said Smirnova.

She noted that the list will include a literary and musical evening “The Golden Age of Russian Poetry: Near and Far”.

“On October 25 we will hold this program for the first time. We invited the teachers for a test evening to receive valuable advice on the concept of the event. From November, the program will become weekly, ”Smirnova said.

Also, young people from 14 to 22 years old will be able to spend money from the “Pushkinskaya Karta” on the concert-journey “Theater is …”, where the artists of the art-residence will reveal the secrets of theatrical cuisine.

“Now it is important for us to form the theater’s repertoire, to make the art residence the center of the cultural life of Tatarstan, where events are held for both children and the older generation,” Smirnova shared her plans.

In November, the art residence plans to hold a solo evening of the laureate of international festivals Vladimir Shnitko, as well as devote one of the programs to the Tatar classics.

Also, within the walls of the art residence, an active preparation of premieres is taking place – the play “Cunning in love” based on the play of the same name by Lope de Vega, as well as a performance dedicated to the life and work of the Tatar poet Hasan Tufan.


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