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Children’s competition “With love for the Koran”  in Tyumen   held 

Children’s competition “With love for the Koran”  in Tyumen   held 

With the blessing of the mufti of the Tyumen region Zinnat hazrat Sadykov, teachers of the Sunday school at the Cathedral Mosque of the city of Tyumen held a children’s contest “With love for the Koran.”

The competition was multi-format: the children prepared drawings dedicated to the Quran, read the verses of the Holy Book by heart to the jury, revealed the meaning of individual verses, competed in knowledge of the rules for reciting the Quran.

A total of 80 Sunday school girls aged 6 to 15 took part in the competition. The organizers of the event were teachers of the fundamentals of Islam and Arabic graphics of the Sunday school at the Cathedral Mosque: Bashirova Fairuza, Kalisullina Alfiya and Machitov Aziza.

The main result of the contest is the feeling of belonging to the great heritage of Muslim culture and, of course, the feeling of unity and friendship that arose among all project participants. It is worth noting that during the competition, the value of the creative initiatives of the participants was repeatedly emphasized: firstly, they help to reveal the creative potential of young authors and reflect the life philosophy of the younger generation. And secondly, the process itself develops creative abilities, independent thinking, brings up the reader’s interest and love for the book of the Almighty. Thirdly, the participants, thanks to the efforts of teachers, join the repository of the spiritual tradition of the Tatar people.

Anisa Yusupova, deputy director of the Islamic Educational Center DUMTO, took part in the event from the Religious  Board of Muslims to evaluate the creative talents of young children, who emphasized the role of the competition in revealing the spiritual and creative potential of Sunday school students.

This competition aroused interest among teachers of other Sunday Muslim schools in the Tyumen region, who highly appreciated the organization of the event.

As a result of the competition, prizes were presented to the winners and all participants from the Religious  Administration and patrons.

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