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European schoolchildren have completed their vacation in the Tatar camp “Salyat”

European schoolchildren have completed their vacation in the Tatar camp “Salyat”


European schoolchildren finished their vacation in the Tatar camp “Salyat” and returned to their families. For most of July, together with their Tatarstan peers, they were involved in the atmosphere of the national traditions of their historical homeland in the format of youth thematic courses, master classes, design work, all kinds of entertainment programs. Despite the fact that the school working language of the girls is completely different, Amelie’s is Flemish, Adeline’s is French, Amalia’s is German, the Tatar language is the same for them, a common mental code. And these qualities helped them to easily integrate into the Salуat environment, quickly assimilate among unfamiliar children. Significant is the fact that all three of them spent earlier summer in “Tatar Camp for kids in Spain”. The organizer of this language camp on the Mediterranean Sea “Tatars in Belgium”, due to covid restrictions, has now not been able to gather students to Spain. Therefore, it was decided to redirect the children to the Tatarstan camp in order to preserve the previously accumulated knowledge of the history of the people, in order to strengthen the Tatar language.

There were many who wanted to fly to Kazan and plunge into the Salyat world, but at the beginning of the summer they were unable to obtain Russian visas. In connection with the strict anti-Kovidian regulations and the “Salyat” itself, nowadays it was necessary to reduce the scale of organized children’s recreation: only 10 thousand participants were allowed to be recruited for 23 sessions, which is almost half of the Dokovid’s scope. But nevertheless, all the planned lectures with the invitation of specialized speakers, all parties and creative projects, all intensive lessons and sports competitions took place, took root in the mind, entered the history of the holidays. And most importantly, friendship between peers was established, which, as the 25-year-old biography of “Salyat” proves, is much more valuable in life.

By and large, “Salyat” is not just a network of camps located in ecologically clean green areas of the Republic of Tatarstan. This is an environment that gathers and develops children striving for knowledge and science, which helps to unravel, reveal, understand themselves, get help in choosing a future profession in accordance with their abilities, and simply orientate children to self-development. “Salyat” is a youth movement with high self-organization, which during the school year attracts people to participate in hundreds of events, dozens of large forums and festivals.

Undoubtedly, in such conditions, pride for their nation, for the rich cultural heritage of the people is strengthened, additional incentives appear for improving the language. The public organization “Tatars in Belgium”, which sent schoolchildren to the Tatarstan camp, thanks “Salyat” for the cordiality and hospitality, for the comfort and high organization of children’s recreation, expresses personal gratitude to each aid-man, the entire team of the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, working on the project of a short summer vacation all year round.


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