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For the first time, a census of the families of Afghan Tatars will be carried out in Afghanistan

For the first time, a census of the families of Afghan Tatars will be carried out in Afghanistan

Director General of the Tatarstan Charitable Patriotic Fund of Muslims of Russia Rustam Khabibullin proposed to conduct a census of the number of families in the Tatar community of Afghanistan as part of the delivery of Tatarstan humanitarian aid.

“President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, speaking at the plenary session of the“ National Assembly ”(“ Millut Kyeny ”), noted that it is very important to work with Tatars outside the republic, including in terms of the census. I propose to combine the delivery of humanitarian aid from Tatarstan to the Afghan Tatars’ community with a census of the number of their families in the areas where it will be delivered, ”the public figure noted.

In addition, the interlocutor of the agency said that at the moment the fund has approximate data on the number of Tatar communities in 17 provinces of Afghanistan. The data were provided by the provincial governors. In total, Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces. It should be borne in mind that, on average, a family in the Tatar community consists of seven people.

Rustam Khabibullin especially stressed that the census of Tatar families in Afghanistan is being carried out for the first time in history.

Samangan province in the provincial capital, Rui Doab and Firoznakhchir districts – 28 thousand families.

Badakhshan province in seven districts: Kishmsky district, Yaftal-Sofla district, Darayem district, Shahr-e-Bozorg district, Arganj-Khakh district, Khash district and Tishkan district – 3.5 thousand families.

Takhar province in six districts: Rostak district, Yangi-Kala district, Dasht-e-Kala district, Khadja-Bahaodin district, Khadzha-Gar district and Bahark district – 4 thousand families.

Kunduz province in seven districts: Dasht-i-Archi district, Emam-Sahab district, Ali-Abad district, Chahar-Dara district, Ak-Tash district, Khan-Abad district and Gol-Bad district – 2 thousand families.

Baghlan province in the provincial capital of Puli-Khumri, Nahrin district and Kaja Alvan valley – 4.5 thousand families.

Parvan province, Gorband district – 1,000 families.

Kabul Province: Bini Khesar District, Shel Soton District, Pagman District, Chimtala Valley and Panj Sad Family District, Saadat City – 2,000 families.

Panjshir province, Abshar district – 4.6 thousand families

Bamiyan province, Komard district – 8 thousand families.

Sari-Pul province: Sanchark district and Gosfandi valley – 7 thousand families.

Balkh province: the capital of Mazar-i-Sharif, the city of Omar Farouk, the Chahar Kent district and the Kra-Gaj region – 10 thousand families.

Jowzjan province, in the capital of the province there are 2.5 thousand families.

Faryab Province: District 3 and the Tatar Khana District – 6.5 thousand families.

Badghis Province: Bala Morgab District, Morchab Valley – 500 families.

Herat province, in the provincial capital and Angil district – 2.3 thousand families.

Farah province: Anar-Dara district and Golistan district – 2 thousand families.

Kapisa province: Tagab region, Tatarkhil valley – 400 families.

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