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Аиша Дадашова, гостья из Самары
Аиша Дадашова, гостья из Самары

For the Gubadiyya – to New Feyzullovo

For the Gubadiyya – to New Feyzullovo

Tatars are the second largest people in the Samara region. Most settled in cities, but there are also places of their compact residence, where we went. To the village of Novoye Feyzullovo of the Koshkinsky district, which is next to the Tatarstan Nurlat.


The girl is rehearsing a Tatar dance. The movements of her fragile hands resemble the flapping of the wings of a bird. A slight smile on your face. The head is slightly tilted. Green dress embroidered with yellow lace, on the head – kalfak. The double stompers at the very end of the dance echo throughout the rural House of Culture.

Out of breath, she runs down the steps from the stage, asks:

– Well, how?

– Great, as always! – Lilia Imamutdinova, director of the House of Culture, encourages the girl.

– Meet Aisha Dadashova – our guest from Samara, – Lilia introduces the girl. – And our seasonal choreographer for the whole summer.

Indeed, every summer Aisha comes here, to the village, to her grandparents. And he helps to stage national dances in the local recreation center.

Aisha lives and studies in the Samara school “Yaktylyk” with in-depth study of individual subjects:

– We even have our own ethnographic museum “Miras” (“Heritage”). We learn a lot about the age-old traditions of the Tatars there. And before the summer holidays, a competition of Tatar poetry readers was held at our school. I became a laureate of the 1st degree, – smiles Aisha. – In principle, it was not difficult for me, because at home we speak Tatar. And here, in the village, grandparents speak to us only in their native language. Children of different nationalities study in our school, everyone is happy to learn Tatar poems, songs, dances. And one Uzbek girl speaks Tatar better than many Tatars.

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