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Forum of Muslim Youth is being held in Kazan

Forum of Muslim Youth is being held in Kazan

The fifth day of the forum was saturated with a real Tatar atmosphere.

Forum women dressed up in Tatar garments , scarves with national ornaments, brooches, aprons.

Everyone’s favorite kystyby and echpochmak were served for breakfast, and after such a solid breakfast, everyone was expected to visit the Tatar ethnographic open-air museum “Tatar avyly” (Tatar village)  .

The forum delegates have been welcomed  by guides in skullcaps and garmozhka. On the basis of the museum, there are houses of the Tatars of the past centuries. These houses show the national life of the people of that era.

A mill was built in the village, a mosque was built without nails, there is a blacksmith’s house.

The girls-excursionists in the village were shown how the Tatar stove differs from the Russian one (size, length and width), demonstrated the Tatar tea ceremony, told several historical facts related to the social and cultural niche of the Tatars, told about what Tatar words entered the Russian language (sarafun, sunduk, sarai, den’gi) and minted commemorative coins as a souvenir.

After the excursion part, the members of the forum walked around the territory of the village, rode on swings and horses, talked.

The entire excursion was held in the Tatar language. During the excursion, the Tatars were encouraged to stick together and, most importantly, not to forget their native language.

“I was struck by a gray mill, as well as geese, goats, it was clear that the atmosphere of the village was really preserved there. I looked at the horse in fascination, it was very unusual to stroke a horse, feel it, ride it, I had never come so close to horses before. And the houses are so original! You could touch these chests, lace towels, cradles. The stoves were working, they cooked pancakes, it’s so unusual … And the swing we rode on is a different story. Previously, guys and girls rode them to make acquaintances, and these swings are working to this day. I am very glad that I was able to visit such a place, ”Karina Vdovina shared her impressions.

Upon returning from the village, the girls were taught etiquette lessons.

The invited guest was Marina Shamsutdinova, a specialist in etiquette.

She talked about how to use cutlery correctly, how to eat this or that dish, how to sit at the table according to the rules, and, most importantly, how to create a beautiful atmosphere around you.

The evening event was the quiz “What? Where? When? “, During which the forum participants had to look for answers to questions of different topics. The participants were divided into four teams, each eventually receiving prizes – commemorative backpacks.

The sixth day of the forum became an educational platform.

It began with a three-hour lecture on women’s health. After lunch, lessons about the wives of the prophet took place from the already beloved forum women Aisylu ustaz. The entertainment event was the battle of paints.

Yellow, blue, green, purple, pink paints flew everywhere, dyeing the girls’ clothes. This is how the sixth day of the forum ended, .






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