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Friendship of Peoples Park in Samara is preparing to open this year

Friendship of Peoples Park in Samara is preparing to open this year



On February 26,  Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov held a meeting on preparations for the opening of the ethnocultural complex “Peoples’ Friendship Park”. It was attended by  Chairman of the Union of Peoples of the Samara Region Rostislav Khugaev and his deputy Lyubov Kolesnikova,  head of Samara Elena Lapushkina and representatives of the regional government.

We remind you that the ethnocultural complex “Peoples’ Friendship Park” is being created in the Kuibyshevsky district of Samara on the initiative of the regional public organization “Union of the Peoples of the Samara Region”. It consists of an architectural ensemble that includes 20 national houses and farmsteads that represent and reveal the culture of the peoples living in the Samara region.

Unlike similar projects in other regions, in the Samara ethnocultural complex, special attention is paid to the principle of equality: all national houses have the same area and access to the water, the territory of each courtyard is 500 sq. At the same time, each house is unique and fully reflects the traditions, customs and culture of a particular people. The project has already been presented at the federal level and was highly appreciated.

“Rostislav Erastovich, first of all I want to thank you. Such large-scale projects, implemented with private funds, show how people, businessmen living in the Samara region, take care of the traditions of our land, our multinational people, how much business is responsible to society for creating comfortable living conditions, for peace, friendship for native land, – Dmitry Azarov turned to the chairman of the Union of Peoples of the Samara Region. – We will provide all-round support to this project. Much has already been done through joint efforts to develop transport and engineering infrastructure, but much remains to be done. I want to set everyone up at once: it is necessary to concentrate efforts so that the project will be implemented this year. I really hope that we will celebrate our regional holiday of Friendship of Peoples already in the park. ”

Rostislav Khugaev noted that the park project was developed in constant cooperation with all heads of national cultural associations. This is what made it possible to create a unique concept that fully reflects the idea that Russia, the Samara region is a home where different peoples live peacefully.

“When creating the project, we took into account all the nuances so that not a single nationality would feel infringed upon in this community,” emphasized Rostislav Khugaev.

Representatives of national-cultural organizations work on the creation of each house together with historians and ethnographers, experts from foreign countries. The highlight of the park will be a Russian house with a real courtyard. Park guests will be able to learn how to care for and feed the animals.

“The family will live in the house on a permanent basis, it will take care of the farmyard and talk about the village life,” added  chairman of the Union of Peoples of the Samara Region.

In addition to national farmsteads, the People’s Friendship Park will house a national library, craft workshops, and interactive platforms. For residents and guests of the Samara region, the Peoples’ Friendship Park will host excursions, master classes, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, national weddings, international holidays and festivals.

Dmitry Azarov noted that it is necessary to think about how to include modern interactive technologies in the ethnocultural complex, as well as to write in detail the program so that the complex works every day, and not from holiday to holiday.

“Our task is for this complex to work every day, it should not turn into a monument,” the head of the region emphasized. “The park should work every day to strengthen friendship and preserve the traditions of peoples, to educate and entertain people.”

At the meeting, the steps taken by the Union of Peoples, municipal and regional authorities to complete work both on the territory of the park itself and in its vicinity were discussed in detail. The head of the region instructed to establish constant control over the timing and quality of work in order to complete the landmark project on schedule.



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