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Kazan hosts Winter Forum of Muslim Youth

Kazan hosts Winter Forum of Muslim Youth

Today, the Winter Forum of Muslim Youth began its work in Kazan. The event is one of the many initiatives carried out by the Religious  Muslim Board of the Republic of Tatarstan as part of the 1100th anniversary of the official adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria.

This winter forum, like last year, is held at two venues one after the other – separately for boys and girls. The forum, which started for the thirteenth time, is attended by 60 boys and 60 girls. The annual forum is held with the aim of improving the religious education and morality of Muslim youth, drawing their attention to the spiritual values ​​and traditions of the Tatar people.

Today the forum started with a 5-day women’s part of the program: Muslim women aged 18-30 from Kazan, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Orenburg, Samara and other regions came to it. For them, not far from Kazan, at the recreation center, a meaningful concept is provided, aimed at spiritual and physical development. The forum participants will listen to lectures about women mentioned in the Qur’an (Pharaoh’s wife Asiya, wives of Ibrahim, Nuh, Yusuf, Ayub).

The baton from Muslim women from January 26 to 30 will be taken by young men who will gather at the Bulgarian Islamic Academy. Theologians of Tatarstan and Dagestan will act as speakers for them. The theme of the youth forum will be ahlyak, the role of a man in the family and the Muslim ummah. Forum participants are waiting for interesting lectures, quests, as well as team building, which will help participants become a single team. In addition to training, the guys will be able to relax at 3 sites: a cinema hall, skiing, as well as communication with mentors in the form of a question-answer awaits them.

The annual winter youth forum allows young people not only to improve their knowledge, but also to unite, get acquainted, enrich themselves spiritually and realize their social undertakings. For example, the most popular social start-up of the Muslim Youth Forum is the “One Day School” program for teaching prayer and the basics of Islam, a discussion club on issues that concern the ummah, a charity event in support of sick children “Give new life to paper” and others. Therefore, the forum can be called a generator of social projects.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus and respiratory diseases, the organizers are taking all precautions: a sufficient number of medical masks, antiseptics and other hygiene items have been prepared for participants

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