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Kazan will teach Tatar with wolf cub Ak Bure in Kazan kindergartens

Kazan will teach Tatar with wolf cub Ak Bure in Kazan kindergartens


On June 3, in Kazan, within the framework of the meeting of heads of preschool institutions, a presentation of the multimedia project “Learning Tatar with Ak Bure.

To date, the complex includes 60 episodes of the animated series “Learn Tatar with Ak Bure”, the mobile application “Learn Tatar with Ak Bure” and methodological developments for teachers and parents.

The multimedia educational project combined advanced and traditional teaching methods, as well as modern animation and computer technologies. The protagonist of the cartoon, the little wolf cub Ak Bure, and his friends teach children Tatar words and expressions in an accessible and fun way, become guides to the wonderful world of the living culture of the multinational Russian people for everyone. It is no coincidence that the project developers have chosen the slogan “Ak Bure in every heart.” After all, the native language is the key to the children’s heart, opening the treasury of the national heritage and strengthening the bond between generations.

Director of ANO “Miras” (Heritage) Rimma Shakirova and Deputy Chairman of the Atonomiya of the Tatars of Moscow Eduard Yusupzyanov addressed the participants of the meeting with welcoming words.

All those present were shown cartoons, video presentations and methodological materials of the project, which will help children learn the Tatar language while playing.

Rina Rinadovna Badrieva, director of the Secondary Educational School No. 18 (Kazan), shared her positive experience and results of the implementation of this system with the participants, on the basis of which the methodological system for learning the Tatar language “Learn Tatar with Ak Bure” was tested.

On behalf of the initiators of the project, philanthropist Rustem Magdeev, ANO “Miras” and the Autonomy of the Tatars of Moscow, sets of teaching aids, brochures and flash drives with educational cartoons were handed over to the Kazan Department of Education!

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