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Loyalty   to traditions – a happy future of the Tatar people

Loyalty   to traditions – a happy future of the Tatar people


Our young 60 thousandth city of Nyagan, which grew up in Western Siberia, has turned 36!  Representatives of the Tatar ethnic group, together with other peoples of the Russian Federation, have taken and are taking an active part in the development of the oil industry and the construction of our beloved city of Nyagan. We can proudly state that we have been building it ourselves from the very first days. Arriving in the village of Nyah from all over the then Soviet Union, someone with life and professional experience, and someone after graduating from the oil and gas institute in the direction of my husband; all, rolling up their sleeves, not being afraid of severe frosts and swamp slush, began to fulfill their duty to the Motherland.

The Tatar organization is one of the largest ethno-constituent parts of our city, occupying the second place in terms of population. Wishing not to lose in a new place, but to develop their unique identity, native language, literature, culture and customs, the representatives of the Tatar population had the idea to unite in the 90s, being far from the ethnic Motherland , the heiress of a centuries-old historical culture. Especially acutely you begin to feel the need for communication in your native language, being cut off from your parents and ancestors. Today, since 2004, 2 classes have been opened for children and adults with the study of the Tatar language, acquaintance with literature, culture, traditions and customs. or mothers and grandmothers with children, he conducts “ak kalfak” master classes on sewing hats: kalfak for girls, skullcaps for boys, as well as introducing national dishes and introducing them to the peculiarities of national costumes. We have been holding Sabantuy since 2003 with the invitation of guests from the neighboring municipalities of the Left Bank. We organize meetings with professional artists, concerts. Living in an ethno-native land, where there is easy access to cultural sources, attractions, you dissolve in the sea of ​​these values, not realizing what centuries-old labor has delivered all this for the current generation. We understand the fears of the President and all progressive representatives of the Tatar people. We have no right to lose everything obtained by our ancestors. Our main task is not to deprive future generations of being individuals who recognize belonging to their nationality, who are proud of this, and who do not dissolve in facelessness. And this means that it is necessary to continue teaching children, no matter how hard it is, to build a dialogue with local authorities, who are meeting halfway by providing sites for conducting classes.

We ourselves are cosmopolitans, we easily communicate with representatives of different peoples of the near and far abroad, language boundaries are being erased. But we are patriots of our Motherland, and we are proud of the achievements of Russian culture, the achievements of multinational cultures. We are grateful to Tatarstan for the enormous invaluable assistance provided to the regions. This is the uniqueness of the Republic of Tatarstan, which distinguishes it from all others. We gratefully accept help from you systematically: while writing the Total Dictation “Tatarcha yaz”, annually help professional artists during the Sabantuy and much more. Even this year, in conditions of self-isolation, we were not deprived: interesting informative on-line seminars were organized, we had the opportunity to communicate with teachers, university professors. 6) We put a lot of useful and valuable video material into our piggy bank. Thank you very much! I would like this positive practice to continue in the future. The topic of education and enlightenment is especially relevant today. Raising respect for elders, traditions, customs in the young generation, building interpersonal relationships based on mutual respect, mutual agreement will help keep the peace and not lose yourself, your individual face.

For us, representatives of national organizations in the regions of Russia, it is very important to preserve the ethnic identity and the richest national traditions of the Tatars outside the republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov outlined the development strategy “Tatars: loyalty to traditions, faith in the future”. This appeal became a kind of manifesto for the Tatars living all over the world. We support the strategic Concept of the President of Tatarstan on the preservation of the ethnic identity of the Tatar people, since we really want to preserve ourselves as a people, and we are trying to do everything possible to implement this task.


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