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Mini-Sabantuy was held in the city of Semey

Mini-Sabantuy was held in the city of Semey

On October 16, 2021, at the initiative of the activists of the Public Association “East Kazakhstan Regional Tatar Public Center”, with the support of the head of the center – Kamilia Rashitovna Ismailova  helped to conduct a brilliant defense of the thesis of a student   Mukan Tulebaev Music College Sapinov Eldos. Theme of work: “Sabantuy bairam”.

Sabantuy symbolizes the rebirth of nature and the renewal of life, the victory of good aspirations and good deeds, unites everyone in a noble striving for goodness and beauty, for creation and harmony. These qualities of the Tatar folk holiday made it truly international!

This event included an exhibition of books and newspapers, a presentation of Tatar rituals and games, as well as a buffet table with dishes of national cuisine.

At the beginning of the holiday, students of the East Kazakhstan Ballet School performed a flash mob: “Round dance of friendship.”

The hosts of our Sabantui were representatives of the youth wing of the Tatar Public Center: Ishmukhametova Idalia and Fatkullin Salim.

From start to finish we were with the distinguished members of the jury: Rakhimzhanova Anar Sharipovna, Yeghizbaeva Raushan Vladimirovna, Karimova Zarina Talgatovna – teachers of the music college

“In the old days, the celebration of Sabantuy was a great event,” the presenters began, “and it took a long time to prepare for it. Throughout the winter, girls and young women prepared gifts – weaving, sewing, embroidering. In the spring, before the start of the holiday, young horsemen collected gifts around the village for future winners in competitions and folk games: embroidered scarves and towels, chintz pieces, shirts, chicken eggs. The most honorable gift was considered to be a towel embroidered with a national pattern ”



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