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More than 400 needy families of Kazan are provided with gushr-sadaka

More than 400 needy families of Kazan are provided with gushr-sadaka

In Tatarstan, a campaign to collect gushr-sadaki and provide food to the needy strata of the population, implemented at the initiative of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan, has ended. As a result of this initiative, 577.33 tons of gushr-sadaki were collected in the republic. Among the mukhtasibats in terms of gushr volume, the leaders are Rybno-Slobodsky (75 tons), Baltasinsky (43.5 tons) and Cheremshansky (40 tons) districts. The Pestrechinsky district (30 tons), Drozhzhanovsky district (27 tons), Sabinsky district (26 tons), Vysokogorsky, Atninsky, Kukmorsky districts (25 tons each), Mamadyshsky district (20 tons) also showed the greatest activity.

To help those in need, Tatarstan Muslims brought vegetables to republican mosques (potatoes, beets, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, onions, etc.), fruit jam, pickles, tomatoes, honey. The products collected as part of the campaign were sent to charitable organizations (Charitable Foundation “Zakat” DUM RT and the rehabilitation center of the National Islamic Charitable Foundation “Yardam”), social institutions (district nursing homes, orphanages), Muslim educational institutions (madrasahs, schools and kindergartens, a training center for the Qur’anic Hafiz, etc.), as well as directly to families in need. Thus, the Zakat Charitable Foundation of the DUM RT provided food for more than 400 low-income families in Kazan.

The action of food collection in favor of the needy has been carried out by the Religious  Board   of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan on a centralized basis every year in all mukhtasibats of the republic since 2017.
Gushr is a special kind of charity, when a Muslim must give to the poor one tenth of the harvest received during the season.

It is noteworthy that before the revolution among the Muslim Tatars, the collection of gushr-sadaki was a common practice, and in Soviet times, the gushra holidays were replaced by harvest holidays. Now this charitable collection has gradually begun to return to the religious practice of the Muslims of the republic with the ideological submission of the chief kazyi of RT, Jalil Hazrat Fazlyev, and the late religious and public figure Valiulla Hazrat Yakupov.

So, as a result of the active participation of the Tatarstan people in this socially significant initiative, in the muhtasibats of Tatarstan, a total of vegetables and fruits were collected and handed over to those in need: in 2017 – 160 tons, in 2018 – 600 tons, in 2019 – 1109.5 tons, in 2020 about 1,000 tons.

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