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Musa Jalil’s Moabit Notebooks will be presented in Moscow

Musa Jalil’s Moabit Notebooks will be presented in Moscow



On February 27, the Moscow bookstore “Biblio-Globus” will host a presentation of the book of the poet-hero Musa Jalil “Moabit Notebooks”.

This is a four-language edition of M. Jalil’s legendary notebooks. The book was published in Orenburg in Tatar, Russian, English and German on the occasion of the 115th anniversary of the poet-hero’s birth. Its publishers are the Orenburg Eurasia Charitable Foundation and the Orenburg Book Publishing House named after   G.P. Donkovtsev.

Publisher, translator and historian Igor Khramov, deputy editor-in-chief of Literaturnaya Gazeta Leonid Kolpakov, representatives of the Embassy of Tatarstan and other guests will tell about the fate of the author and his last poems.

“Moabit Notebooks” is a famous collection of poetry by the outstanding Tatar poet, member of the anti-fascist underground, Musa Jalil (1906-1944). The works written by him during his imprisonment in Berlin’s Moabit prison, awaiting a death sentence, ended up in the Soviet Union after the war in various ways.

On April 25, 1953, “Literaturnaya Gazeta” published a sensational selection of six poems by Musa Jalil. They, like the return of the hero’s honest name, were published in the translation of Ilya Frenkel.

In 1956, the poet was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for exceptional fortitude and courage displayed in the fight against the German fascist invaders.

In 1957, Musa Jalil was awarded the Lenin Award in Literature and Art for the cycle of poems “Moabit Notebooks”.  The originals of the notebooks are kept in the funds of the National Museum of Tatarstan and are taken out only once a year, on the birthday of the hero poet.




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