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President of Tatarstan headed the procession “Immortal regiment” in Kazan

President of Tatarstan headed the procession “Immortal regiment” in Kazan

Forty-five thousand people took part in the “Immortal regiment”, which was held today at the center of Kazan. People were carrying portraits of relatives, who fought in World War II. Large-scale procession was headed by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

Tatarstan President held a photo of his uncle by the father – Minnikhanov Galimzyan Minnihanovich. He went to the front at the age of 19. He fought in the 359 th Infantry Regiment. From the first days of the war took an active part in the hostilities. He died December 15, 1941 during fierce fighting near Moscow.

The action has been joined also by RT State Counsellor Mintimer Shaimiev with a portrait of his father – Sharip Shaymukhammatovich Shaimiev and RT State Council Chairman Farid Mukhametshin, who carried a

photograph of his father – Mukhametshin Khairull Dinkaevich.

The “Immortal regiment” passed from the NCC “Kazan” – Pushkin Street – Liberty Square – Lobachevskogo str. – Kremlevskaya str. – First of May Square.

Earlier in the interview to journalists Rustam Minnikhanov noted that the action “Immortal regiment” is of great importance for preserving the memory of the heroism of our people.

“All the people taking part in the event, go there voluntarily, no one is forced. There is a great desire to pay tribute to their families, friends and all those who suffered the hardships of war and won the victory, – RT President said. – Today, many people want the world to belittle the role of the Soviet Union in World War II, the Great Patriotic War. By joining the “Immortal regiment,” we show that our people are united, and always remember that the terrible cost has been paid in order to liberate our homeland from invaders. ”

RT President Press Service

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