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Press release

Press release

May 15-17, 2014, Kazan will host the World Forum of Tatar women. The organizers of this major event are the Board of the World Congress of Tatars and the NGO of Tatar women at the Congress “Ak kalfak ”

Public organization Tatar women of Tatarstan “Ak kalfak ” was created in 1990.

The organization maintains some a definite work on rendering help in the development of Tatar schools, gymnasiums; promote opening of Sunday schools and courses for study of Tatar literature, history of arts in places of compact residence of the Tatar nation; participates in organization of the club “Tips for young family ” with the participation of psychologists, economists , lawyers and other professionals ; participates actively in the development of legislation on social and legal protection of motherhood fatherhood and childhood , etc.

60 delegates from the Republic of Tatarstan, 250 – from the regions of the Russian Federation, 95 delegates – from abroad are expected, and about 100 distinguished guests.

The forum participation program provides a plenary session, visit and acquaintance with the system of education and training of students in Tatar schools and gymnasiums in Kazan. Excursion to the Museum ” Kazan Kremlin” is planned, watching the play ” Үlep yaratty ” by R. Zaidulla at the G. Kamal theatre, participation in the gala evening dedicated to 100 – anniversary of ” Soyembike ”

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