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The exhibition will feature several series of works.

Ramziya Zinnatova’s Nostalgia exhibition to open in Kazan

April 8 at 16:00 at the A. Mazitov Museum (Dzerzhinsky St., 27) Ramzia Zinnatova’s personal exhibition “Nostalgia” opens (St. Petersburg).

The exhibition will feature several series of works. Some of them are painting (oil, watercolor, acrylic), as well as easel graphics (linocut, lithography), more than 50 works in total.

Ramziya Shaidievna Zinnatova was born in 1954 in Kazan. In 1973 Graduated from the Kazan Art College. And in 1982, the graphic faculty of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. I.E. Repin. Since 1985 R. Zinnatova – Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
For many years, R.Sh. Zinnatova taught at St. Petersburg University at the Faculty of Philology and the Institute of Arts.

The artist’s works are in the funds of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, in the funds of the Academy of Arts, the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as in private collections in France, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, and the USA.

Ramziya Zinnatova works in many genres of fine arts, but graphics are rightfully considered a priority in the artist’s work, her favorite techniques are lithography and linocut.

The “Songs of the Native Land” series attracts not only with inspired performance, but also with an almost impeccable form, meaningful images, and a special worldview. Smooth contours of figures, a harmonious world of flowing lines, large planes of pure, sonorous colors, as if female figures born from a game in national costumes, both monumental and seemingly weightless. The author uses ornaments and colors inherent in the works of Tatar art in embroidery, weaving, leather mosaic, costume and jewelry.

If you look closely, you can see the details of the national way of life in costumes or household items, but what seems more important is not ethnographic authenticity, but lyricism, the unfading beauty of eternal and understandable images. Here are memories, history, a dream, sadness about the irrevocably gone and a life-affirming belief in the immutability of the main values ​​​​preserved in the soul of the Tatar people.

“Kalfak” – a series based on Tatar folk art. KALFAK is a national women’s headdress. In the picture, the headdress itself is not depicted, only motifs of its ornamental decoration scattered over the plane: golden balls, crescents, zigzags. Ideas born from the traditions of folk arts and crafts evoke associations with cosmic fantasies. The theme of kalfak is based on symbols and amulets with wishes of health and happiness.

R. Zinnatova tries new techniques and even materials, combining acrylic painting with gold and silver sheeting, as if inviting to touch the surface, to feel its texture, materiality, to give the visual image some tactile persuasiveness. In her works there is always a multifaceted, deep associativity. They have a clear system, clear and sonorous color and at first glance a very simple plot.

The exhibition will run from April 8 to May 20, 2022

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