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Sabantuy will be held in the Leningrad region

Sabantuy will be held in the Leningrad region


Dear friends, permanent admirers and participants of the wonderful Tatar-Bashkir holiday “Tosnensky Sabantuy”!

This year, on June 13, 2021 at 12 o’clock, in the same reserved corner of the Tosno district of the Leningrad region, in the village. Hats (on the shores of Lake Nesterovskoye) will again gather residents of the multinational Tosno District and the Leningrad Region to celebrate the end of the spring sowing season.

As in previous years, guests and participants of Sabantuy will have a large cultural, entertainment and game program, where wonderful Tatar, Bashkir and Russian songs will be performed, colorful national dances will be performed.

As always, a variety of national sports games will take place on the sports playground. The central event will be the struggle of batyrs on the Koryash belts for the main prize of Sabantuy. The exciting smell of national cuisine, Uzbek and Tajik pilaf, and other oriental delicacies will help to satisfy an excited appetite.

We will look forward to everyone who knows how to work and relax with inspiration. Welcome!

Portal of the Tatars of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

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