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“Saidash. Insomnia”    will show in Kazan

“Saidash. Insomnia”    will show in Kazan

December 16, 17, 18 (three times a day: at 13:00, at 16:00, at 18:30) at the Tatar State Theater of Drama and Comedy  named after  K. Tinchurin will host the premiere of the play “Saydash. Insomnia ”based on the play by Luiza  Jansuar and Reseda Garipova.

The genre of the performance is a labyrinth. Stage Director – Reseda Garipova; production designer – Ilshat Vildanov; the composer – JUNA group – Alexandra Mustafina, Marat Shayakhmetov, Aniya Fayzrakhmanova; choreographer – Reseda Mullagalieva; choirmaster – Aliya Khamzina; lighting designer – Ilshat Sayakhov (laureate of the “Golden Mask” award); conductor – Ilyas Kamal; the head of the instrumental ensemble – Evgenia Maletina; curated director – Zulfat Zakirov.

The age limit is 12+.

Cast: People’s Artist of Tatarstan Lyalya Minnullina; Honored artists of Tatarstan – Alfiya Khasanova, Rustem Gaizullin. Laureates of the Republican Prize. M. Jalil – Reseda Salyakhova and Artem Piskunov. Young and talented theater actors – Ilfak Khafizov, Zulfat Zakirov, Ilnur Bainazarov, Aisylu Musalliamova, Salavat Khabibullin, Lilia Kamalieva, Aidar Fatkhrakhmanov, Albina Gashigullina. Guest actress – Zarina Vildanova and students of the Kazan Theater School.


What is Salikh Saydashev for us? Legend? Symbol? Memorial culture? The man who was among us and left? The creator, whose music touches the living or does not touch at all?

What are we ourselves in this fragmented world, where everything has become transitory, replaceable, and harmony – elusive?

“Saydash. Insomnia ”is, first of all, an attempt to answer the question: what eludes us in the interpretation of the biography and work of the great composer. The performance – a labyrinth invites you to plunge into the world of consciousness and feeling: man, epoch, space – in their eternal dance of Destruction and Creation.


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