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Salekhard hosted a Sabantuy

Salekhard hosted a Sabantuy

One could not pass by the square of the District Center of National Cultures indifferently. The reason is serious. Tatars and Bashkirs, of whom more than six thousand live in the district capital alone, celebrate one of the most beloved holidays on a grand scale – Sabantuy.

The earth planting work is finished. It’s time to exhale, say the old-timers. Moreover, not only the above-mentioned nationalities are invited to the celebration.

Meanwhile, talents are being “cultivated” within the walls of the center of national cultures. There is a lot of work going on here with little Salekhard people who are drawn to applied folk arts.

The festive square was already filled with new spectators closer to two o’clock in the afternoon. Some enjoy songs and dances… others taste dishes. Starting from the famous Tatar chak-chak and ending with samsa.

By the way, there is one mandatory rule for all guests and participants of the Sabantuy.

“There is no need to be sad on this holiday. You need to be cheerful, joyful. Because in the Yamal land, this holiday is not only Tatar-Bashkir. This holiday is shared. And it has become traditionally common for us all. Any holiday in Russia now does not have some kind of national peculiarity. It is common to all. Because we all live together,” said Timur Salikhov, Deputy mufti of the regional Spiritual board of Muslims of the Yamalo–Nenets Autonomous District.

Perhaps the most delicious moment was the tasting of national dishes, which were put on trial, including the people’s jury, by the skillful housewives of the city.

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