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Siberian Sabantuy was held in Novosibirsk

Siberian Sabantuy was held in Novosibirsk


In Novosibirsk on June 13, 2021, the festival of friendship of the peoples of the Siberian Federal District “Siberian Sabantuy” was held on a grand scale. And even the rain did not prevent everyone from gathering and celebrating the long-awaited Tatar holiday.

For the first time, the holiday was held not on a large city site (earlier it was parks, an embankment …), but on the territory of the House of Tatar Culture.

As noted by the photographer and well-known blogger of Novosibirsk, Aliya Aminova, the choice of this site: “Bik zur rahmet for the holiday, to be honest, at first they were very skeptical that such a site was chosen. But in fact, it turned out to be very cozy, compact, very family-like and home-like! It reminded me very much of the village sabantui, which we visited in our youth with the Tatar center. Thanks to all the organizers! .. This is the best city Sabantuy, which I have been to ”

Of course, residents of Novosibirsk love this holiday dearly, expect and celebrate it every year. The exception is 2020, when, due to the pandemic, cultural events had to be canceled, and Sabantuy was transferred to the online platform. In 2021, we fought to the last to make the holiday take place. Because we know that people are waiting! We were forbidden to hold a holiday on a large scale in the region, in the city in the park…. And in order not to translate it online, it was decided to hold it in a small area and change the name .. But the meaning and purpose have not changed …

A diverse cultural and sports program was presented at the festival: a festive concert, an excursion “Traveling to the Tatar courtyard”, an exhibition of Tatar culture, master classes from a children’s toy factory on painting wooden Tatar jewelry, from the NROO “Self-knowledge through creativity, culture and a healthy lifestyle ”On mehendi and walking on a tightrope, fair-sale of folk products and national dishes, sports (arm wrestling, lifting weights, fight with bags on a log, tug-of-war), national games for children and much more. Not without the Tatar-Bashkir struggle “Koresh”. Wrestlers of different nationalities participated, showing their power, strength and all this, in spite of the rainy weather. Ilya Semenyuk (Novosibirsk, 108 kg) became the absolute batyr, the winner in the category up to 80 kg – Umarov Magomed (NSO, Ubinskoe village, 74 kg).

Also within the framework of the festival were the contest “Miss Sabantuya-2021” (the winner is Nadia Rajabova), the competition of Tatar national dishes (the winner is Galeeva Laysan, 7 years old)

None of the participants in competitions, games and contests was left without attention. Everyone received prizes and gifts from our sponsors.

The holiday ended with a disco with Tatar music from the vocal-instrumental ensemble “Yalkyn” (director R. Avliyarov).

“Sabantuy” has become in the true sense of the holiday of people of different nationalities living in the city of Novosibirsk. “Sabantuy is a holiday of friendship, a holiday of solidarity”!

The organizers of the holiday are the Ministry of Culture of the Novosibirsk Region, the Mayor’s Office of Novosibirsk, the state budgetary institution of culture of the Novosibirsk Region “Novosibirsk Regional Tatar Cultural Center”, the Public Organization “Regional Tatar National-Cultural Autonomy of the Novosibirsk Region”, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, the World Congress of Tatars.


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