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Talented composer celebrates 50th anniversary

Talented composer celebrates 50th anniversary

On January 15, 2022, a solemn event was held in the village of Karyevo, Orda District, Perm Territory, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Moris Meinikhatovich Akhatov.

Maurice Akhatov is the director of the Karyevsky rural house of culture with 30 years of experience, a talented leader, singer, amateur composer, author of popular songs about love, about his native village in the Tatar language based on poems by local poets. He is a musician who owns many musical instruments: accordion, button accordion, guitar, percussion and other instruments.

Under his leadership, the song and dance ensemble “Chulpan”, the vocal and instrumental ensemble “Iske Avyl” were created. The festive concert was opened by the Chulpan Song and Dance Ensemble, and the concert was completed by the Iske Avyl Instrumental and Vocal Ensemble.

The main asset of Maurice Akhatov is his friendly, creative, talented family, in love with the Tatar musical culture and art. Wife Elvira Rasikhovna – head of club formations, director of the anniversary celebration. Daughter Lia is a student of the Kazan Institute of Culture, successfully performing on the stages of the Perm Territory and Tatarstan.

The holiday was accompanied by numerous, warm congratulations from relatives, friends, fellow villagers, heads of local governments and state authorities. Congratulatory letter Farvazetdinov Kh.Kh. The hero of the day received video congratulations from famous artists of the Republic of Tatarstan: Zainap Farkhetdinova, Chulpan Yusupova, IlSaf, Zakir Shahban, Javit Shakirov, Almaz and Aidar Yunusov, Abri Khabri and others.

Colleagues in the national movement, members of the Council of the Regional Public Organization of the NCA of the Tatars of the Perm Territory, came to the anniversary of Maurice Akhatov, who together with love congratulated the hero of the day.

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