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Tatar-Bashkir Cultural center “Duslyk” Celebrated the 25th anniversary

Tatar-Bashkir Cultural center “Duslyk” Celebrated the 25th anniversary

The region’s largest network of pharmacies “Classic” and the Congress of Tatars of Chelyabinsk region congratulated Emanzhelinsk Tatar-Bashkir cultural center “Duslyk” on 25th anniversary.

A gala evening brought together several generations of spectators and participants of creative collectives of cultural center “Duslyk” passed to a full house. On the stage of the Emanzhelinsk House of Culture named after A.S. Pushkin alternated each other favorite by the audience musical items, telling the artistic history of the Tatar-Bashkir cultural center, congratulations from many honored guests – politicians, social activists, cultural figures. As expected at the festival, there were gifts, warm, sincere expressions of love and friendship, armfuls of flowers and, of course, applause by loyal viewers, equally warmly welcoming stars of Emanzhelinsk and Chelyabinsk. According to many, the anniversary of “Duslyk” was truly a remarkable event in the cultural life of the Southern Urals.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Congress of Tatars, member of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region, the head of the region’s largest drugstore chain “Classic” Lena Kolesnikova said:

– Tatar-Bashkir cultural center “Duslyk” – one of the few, and perhaps the only one in the Southern Urals public organization, whose history extends continuously for a quarter century! We can be proud of, because the bright center of creativity is loved by people and is necessary. It is the people – the greatest treasure of “Duslyk.” Along with its Chief: Farit Nuretdinov, Roza Abdrashitova, Raisa Mukhametshina, Moemin Nazyrov, we would like to note the creative contribution to the development of the center by a remarkable man, a poet, a member of the Writers’ Union of the Republic of Tatarstan, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Congress of Tatars of the Chelyabinsk region, deputy head of the region Yrek Sabirov – she said. – Special thanks I want to express to the current head of the Center – Sofia Abdrashitova, her creative team, a lot of talents, such as Irina Guseva, a veteran of “Duslyk” Kurban Sharafutdinov, as well as the youngest stars of Center – finalists of the competition “Neni enzheler. Little gems “- Diana Podkorytova and Veronica Dorokhova. The “Duslyk” with a rich history and a bright, creative present, enjoys no less bright future. After all, the young, talented collectives, the members Tatar-Bashkir Cultural Center again and again will praise “Duslyk” and their minor home not only in the region but also beyond!

In order to maintain the enthusiasm of the youngest members of creative teams “Duslyk” Lena Kolesnikov gave them gifts from a regional network of pharmacies “Classic”.

Congress of Tatars of the Chelyabinsk Region

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