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Theatre and life of Zainab Sadrieva – the 100th anniversary of the great actress

Theatre and life of Zainab Sadrieva – the 100th anniversary of the great actress

November 25, 2014, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great actress Zainab Sadrieva (1914-1991) is marked. Her theatrical and film roles included in the history of art in Uzbekistan.

A well-known throughout the Soviet Union Uzbek Drama Theatre named after Hamza. On the Tashkent stage – People’s Artist of the Uzbek SSR Zainab Sadrieva. Different performances – Russian and national classics, plays, included in the history of theater and one-day productions. The gallery of strong, sometimes imperious women, but not socialist- realistic characters, but rather typical, with humor and sarcasm. Pathetic expression – “participated in the development of Uzbek Drama Theatre” in the case of Zainab Sadrieva – a historical truth. Theatre named after Hamza from the earliest years became her family, she masterfully embodied the image of Uzbek women; knowledge and reflection by her of everyday life, language, national character were deep, not stylized and genuinely popular.

“Cultural Communication”, “interpenetration of cultures.” These often used wordings are not always accurately express the essence of the phenomenon – or schematic either very broadly. Zainab Sadrieva – Tatar girl, having come while young to the Uzbek theater, dedicated her life and talent to Uzbek culture. Perhaps it is not so important to look at this phenomenon: the role of the Tatars in the development of the theater (and wider professional art) in Central Asia, the main criterion is not the origin, but talent. However, it is too bright was the fate of our compatriot Zainab Sadrieva, is being revered even now in Uzbekistan, through partial quarter of a century after the death, still remains little known to Tatars …

Of course, Zainab Sadrieva was not the only Tatar, who played in the Uzbek theater. Rather, it was a whole galaxy of actresses. Tashkent in the pre-revolutionary era, and especially in the 1920s. was an important center of Tatar theater world. Performances staged in Tashkent influenced the development of the professional theater, largely determined the subsequent history of the great Kazan Kamal troupe. As Tashkent drama critic A. Golovanov noted, in 1911 Tatar troupe directed by Ilyas Kudashev-Ashkazarsky first came to Central Asia. In 1912-1913, another famous Tatar troupe “Sayar” led by f Gabdulla Kariev showed pieces by Galiaskar Kamal, including “Bankrupt”. In addition, in 1912 in many cities Turkistan touring troupe «NUR» led by Shamil Kasim. Later, a professional Tashkent Tatar theater has appeared, which is associated with the names of many actors, in particular the legendary Ilskaya Fatima (1906-1984), who played in Uzbekistan in 1921-23 years. All these troupe played in the Tatar language, but the audience were representatives of the Uzbek intelligentsia, including Jadids.

The life of Zainab Sadrieva – a Tatar woman devoted to the Uzbek art was in harmony with its time. Along with many of her fellow countrymen, having found a warm home in the fertile Uzbekistan, she has become an integral part of the unique world of Central Asia. It is symbolic that she died in October 1991, when this once seemed an unshakable world, began to change rapidly…

The grave of the great actress is located on the Chigataysky cemetery in Tashkent, where outstanding figures of culture, science, politics Uzbekistan are buried.

Marat Safarov

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