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The 12th International Ethnic Festival “Krutushka” will be held in the camp “Baytik”

The 12th International Ethnic Festival “Krutushka” will be held in the camp “Baytik”


The festival will be held on August 28-29 and will bring together musicians, folklore and ethnographic groups, specialists in the field of traditional culture and spectators – connoisseurs of the living heritage of different peoples of Russia and the world, the organizers of the event report.

The singer Namgar from Buryatia will appear on the stage with the full composition of her team, which has released a new album this year.

Radik Tyulyush from Tyva, known for the project “Huun-Huur-Tu”, will present the mastery of throat singing at the festival and will hold a master class for those wishing to master this ancient technique.

Scandinavian and North Russian motives will be performed by the groups Ingervala and Minus Treli from St. Petersburg, the Swedish ones – on the Nykkelharpa folk instrument – performed by the Chorus group from Tsimlyansk.

Also, guests of the festival will hear the author’s interpretations of Russian songs from the Penza group “Stranniki”, Udmurt – from “Birds Tyloburdo”, Celtic folk from Kazan representatives Random Reel, as well as author’s music on the instrument of Australian aborigines didgeridoo from the ethno-electronic project Sage from Yekaterinburg.

Enver Izmailov from Crimea will present the author’s technique of playing the electric guitar with national motives. Kazan singer Mubai will perform original and folk Tatar songs in his own arrangement, and the Alpar group will perform songs and melodies of the Tatars of the Volga region and other regions on reconstructed instruments such as tanbur, yatagan, kyl-kubyz, dungur, daf, kurai.

The Krutushka festival will also host a variety of master classes on traditional instrument playing, dancing and games, a craft fair, art projects, art exhibitions, performances, film and animation presentations.

Within the framework of the festival, there will be a cultural and educational lecture hall, where you can listen to famous Russian ethnographers and anthropologists, masters of folk costume and traditional cuisine. Lectures will be delivered by the head of the department of ethnography of the Russian people of the Russian Ethnographic Museum from St. Petersburg Dmitry Baranov, the head of the Millihasite association, the reconstructor of the Tatar and Bashkir costumes from Ufa Ildar Gataullin, the head of the traditional Russian costume workshop “Dushu Gray” from Kazan Yulia Akhmetzyanova, the chairman of the Tatarstan regional branch of the public organization Russian Folklore Union “Natalia Kondratyeva.

Guests of the festival will also find many applied master classes, including those on blacksmithing, pottery, woodcarving, weaving on a loom, and the smallest guests of the event will be shown several performances at once at the “Krutushka”. Older children are waiting for the fascinating “Stories of the Gotland Stone” – theatrical lectures that will acquaint viewers with the main plots of Scandinavian mythology. Elena Dzheniya from Moscow will conduct exciting classes.

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