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“Tukai and Music”

“Tukai and Music”


The event was linked by two memorable dates in April – the birthday and the day of the death of the poetr.

The host of the evening, the head of the library of the TCC Rozalia Khanyafeeva, in her speech on the topic “Tukai ylemsez zhyrlary” spoke about the life and creative path of the outstanding son of the Tatar people and his contribution to the development of culture, in particular, the song art of the Tatars.

Poetess Mundzhia Fassakhova opened the creative part of the event with her poem “Tukai Ile”.

The program of the evening included songs based on Tukay’s poems:

“Tugan tel” performed by brothers Samir and Raisa Khasyanovs, “Beyram bugen” – by the ensemble “Miras”, “Tugan avyl” – by the ensemble “Khazine”, “Teftilaey” – by  Honored artist of Tatarstan Alfina Akhmetzhan, “Bala belen kubyelek” – by the ensemble “Khazine” and Lily of the Valley Minkina, Elluki – Takhira Abbyasova, Fat Yokysy – Nurdzhikhan Simaeva. And the ensemble “Tatar monnary” sang the song “Par at”.

The evening ended with the song “Tugan Tel”.


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