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Vasil Shaykhraziev: “Ysyakh and Sabantuy are similar to each other”

Vasil Shaykhraziev: “Ysyakh and Sabantuy are similar to each other”

The XXV Federal Sabantuy, the main Tatar national holiday, is planned to be organized in Yakutia in 2025. According to Deputy Chairman of the Government of Tatarstan Vasil Shaykhraziev, Sabantuy has similarities with the Yakut Ysyakh.

Vasil Shaykhraziev said that Sabantuy is translated as “plow” and “wedding.” The holiday, which brings together the cultural, sports and national traditions of the people, is celebrated after spring field work.

“It turned out that the Tatars live very compactly throughout Russia. Everyone holds Sabantuy on their own territory. But in order to unite and support them, a program for holding the Federal Sabantuy appeared. We are very pleased that Sabantuy is gaining momentum from year to year,” noted Mr. Shaykhraziev.

It was proposed to organize the Federal Sabantuy in Yakutia as part of cooperation between Yakutia and Tatarstan. The leaderships of the two republics signed a number of agreements in 2022. At this time, the Days of Tatarstan took place in Yakutia, which coincided with the dates of Ysyakh.

“We were integrated into the holiday of the Yakut people, we saw how many tourists come, how people are sensitive to their traditions and customs, how proud they are, like us. Sabantuy and Ysyakh are very similar to each other, although according to the initial data there are significant differences. When the leaders Aisen Sergeevich and Rustam Nurgalievich met, they began to discuss two holidays. It was proposed that in 2025 it is necessary to hold the Federal Sabantuy in Yakutia,” said Vasil Shaykhraziev.

This year the Federal Sabantuy was held in Kemerovo, next year it will be hosted by the Republic of Mari El. And the anniversary XXV Sabantuy is planned in Yakutia. In 2026, the Omsk region will take over the baton for holding the Federal Sabantuy.

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