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Daily Archives: 21.10.2019

For the first time “Tatarcha dictation” was written at the mosques of the republic

October  21, 2019 On October 19, in the conference hall of the Religious Board  of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan  (DUM RT), an educational action to test literacy in the Tatar language “Tatarcha dictation” was held. Religious figures, as well as leaders and employees of the apparatus of the muftiate and its established organizations: the Zakat Charity Fund, the ...

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Second Tatar dictation took place in Paris

October 21, 2019 The Tatars of France, represented by the  France-Tatarstan House Association, gladly joined  Tatarcha Dictation campaign. The venue of the event was the traditional Pushkin Institute in Paris. The text was read by Alia Gilmullina, a native of the Baltasinsky district, an employee of the Institute for Agricultural Research of France. The student  of master courses of  the ...

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Krasnodar Tatars celebrate holiday  in Honor of elders

October 21, 2019 October 13, at  the building of  Center for National Cultures  the holiday “Ebileer Chuagi” – “Indian Summer”  was held. It was organized and conducted by the Krasnodar Regional Public Organization “Bulgar-K”. Before the concert,  chairman of the organization Roman Rashidovich Dinislamov made a welcoming speech. He congratulated all those gathered on the holiday, wished the elders good ...

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Tatarcha Dictation – 2019: United Arab Emirates and Sweden

October 20, 2019 On October 19, at 13:00, the educational campaign “Tatarcha dictation” was held around the world, which was aimed at increasing interest in literate spelling, knowledge of the Tatar literary language, and self-checking spelling and grammar errors. This year the action is held for the fourth time. The text of the dictation was determined by philologists of the ...

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