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Daily Archives: 02.10.2019

Rosa Fayzullina: “In my soul there is a song of a lark”

October 02, 2019 Piercing lyrics, warm congratulations, sincere memories, beautiful songs: last Sunday in the village of Malye Atryasi, Tetyushsky district, poetess  Rosa Fayzullina’s creative evening was held. The event at the House of Culture of Malye Atryasy became a real holiday, at which the public presented a new gift collection of poems by Rosa Gabdelnurovna “In my soul – ...

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The Tatarstan Representation  presented a Letter of Appreciation to the Tuymazinsky Theater

Two performances have been  presented to Moscow spectators – a comedy based on Tufan Minnullin’s play “Aldermeshtun Almendar” (“An Old Man from the Village of Aldermesh”) and “Igezklәr” (“Twins”) based on the play by Angam Atnabaev. Emil Fayzullin, Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of Tatarstan to the Russian Federation, Rishat Khalikov, Advisor to  Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Bashkortostan under the ...

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At  the DUM (Religious   Borad  of  Muslims)  RT,  work  has began   on  preparing  an audio version of the tafsir Koran in the Tatar language

  October 01, 2019 The Publishing House “Khuzur” DUM RT   has began work on an audio version of the translation of the meanings of the Koran in the Tatar language, prepared by the Muftiat of Tatarstan. The text is voiced by the famous TV presenter Ildar Kiyamov. In total, a creative team of 5 specialists works on the project, including ...

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Tatar Chelny Drama Theater plans to celebrate anniversary in a new building

October  1, 2019 The Tatar Drama Theater of Naberezhnye Chelny plans to celebrate its 30th anniversary in a new place – in the building of the former RK “Colosseum”, where reconstruction is currently underway. The project of the theater is fully approved, it is slightly different from the one that was presented earlier. This was announced at a press conference ...

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