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Kazan Global Youth Summit 2023

Kazan Global Youth Summit 2023

This is the unique educational and expert platform for exchanging opinions and best practices on youth policy and involvement of children and youth locally, regionally, and globally.

The Summit is designed for 3 days on August 28-30 and consists of ministerial plenary sessions, panel discussions, interactive workshops and a cultural programme.

The main agenda of the Summit 2023 will be the discussion of the role of traditional values in the education of children and youth in the modern world. In addition, different sessions of the event will be devoted to discussing best practices in terms of building the values of a strong family, lifelong education, personal security, mutual respect, friendship between peoples and national identity.

The outcome of the Summit will be the Research Project aimed at studying modern youth, and the Joint Resolution of the Action Plan, which will become the basis for the implementation of joint children’s and youth initiatives and long-term cooperation programs in countries of Islamic World, BRICS and Asia-Pacific region.


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