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Tatar patron has become “aksakal”

Tatar patron has become “aksakal”

Tatar public of Sursky krai expressed a sincere gratitude to the President of the regional public organization ” Tatar national- cultural autonomy of the Penza region” Bakir Akzhigitov on his sixtieth birthday.

In the narrow circles, Akzhigitov is known as a businessman engaged in entrepreneurial activities, but he gained the great fame in the field of public service . All the brightest initiatives and activities aimed at strengthening the Penza ummah are implemented with his direct participation . He is not only a talented organizer and a generous patron of many cultural, educational and charitable projects, but also a great patriot of Russia and his small homeland.

Despite his busy schedule , as his field of activity includes work with government , religious and community organizations of Surky krai , as well as contacts with the Muslim social and religious organizations of Russia and the CIS countries , Akzhigitov , never tired of repeating:

– Today we need to preserve traditions of ancestors in Tatar villages , support in Tatar people the ideas of inter-ethnic and inter-religious peace in a land of Penza , resume teaching

children their native language , to inculcate among the young love to the national holidays , customs and culture.

He is the sponsor of the regional competition , ” I love you, my native land ,” and many of the activities in the institutions of pre-school and school education ; organizer of awarding winners of regional competitions and Russian diplomas and valuable gifts , curator of sending Penza athletes for the prestigious event , a welcome guest in the mosques and Muslim religious Sursky krai organizations . For example, in close cooperation with EDUM ( Head Abdurrauf Zabirov ) TNCA Penza region is one of the initiators of courses on Islam and Arabic writing , which will be held in a number of Tatar villages throughout school year.

Thanks to the high level of professionalism , responsibility and conscientious attitude to business and responsive to the people Bakir Usmanovich deserved authority and public recognition of the Penza region. His positive attitude and eastern generosity inspires the people around him , directing their energy in a positive direction.

Author: Iskander Bakhmutov
Source: Penza online

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